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Words can't enough depict my involvement with Katia. I need to childishly say that our science was flawless, yet my theory is Katia has that impact on anybody Katia experiences. I think Katia detected I was neevous when I first got in, so Katia rapidly set my psyche calm. Katia strolled me over to the bed, offered me a glass of water, and before I realized what hit me, Katia was uncovering me on the bed. When I got her uncovered, Katia gave me the best bbbj i've ever had. Truly, the best. I verged on blasting a few times, given the mix of her procedure all while gazing at me with her alluring eyes. Did i say Katia has eyes like cleopatra?

From that point, i furnid a proportional payback, and Katia got truly into it. You could tell that Katia really appreciates what Katia does. Following a couple of minutes, Katia inquired as to whether i was prepared, which i was. Katia then tore open the condom wrapper, through it on the floor and a little while later i was riding on top of her. Her body is the ideal size... Not sufficiently little to be a spinner where there is nothing to take hold of, however with a minor abdomen that i felt in control. After i discharged my first load we started talking.
by Steph, from UK | Written on 2016-06-12