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Elite Companion, was thirty-eight, twice separated...

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Elite Companion, was thirty-eight, twice separated, no children, and a tenured teacher at the same college Bellows worked at. London Escort had distributed some basic hypothesis books with college presses, the titles of which give me a migraine attempting to remember, something about the virtual apparition in the electronic twofold of postmodern blah. London Escort was an incredible fuck, however, and could deepthroat my cockerel, which made her a champ as I would like to think.
So no doubt, I returned two weeks after the fact and read for her two classes.

Where it counts something primal and reptile mind let me know this was an oversight, yet I was just too damn inquisitive to know more about Lady Postmodern and what London Escort genuinely was about. I figured the scholastic blarney language and posturing was only a part, and I needed to see under that cover. I was the sort of fellow constantly after the revolting truth, since then I could compose twelve sonnets about it. I was in the produce mode. That is the thing that my distributer let me know: "Produce, man, produce, get sufficiently out for another accumulation and watch the cash come coming in!"
Is it safe to say that it was truly about the cash? Where did the craftsmanship element in, the "fuck notoriety and wealth" mentality the vast majority of the little squeeze writers had? I understood, those days, that neediness was bologna and the entire "I starve for my verse" was only a method for supporting the way that 99 for every penny of the artists out there made practically nothing, assuming any, mixture off the stanzas and broken lines.

I was beginning to like the cash, and this essence of popularity. I was getting things I was never ready to so effortlessly. I was forty-one and prepared to give my group of onlookers a greater amount of what they appeared to need, and they didn't need my old stuff, the concise verse and clean smooth words from when I was a quarter century won the Bethlehem Young Poets Award, that first genuine accumulation in hardback and distributed by a college squeeze that gathered much acclaim, great surveys, however moved few duplicates: 300 in hardback, 800 in paper. For the honor, I was informed that was basic; for the college press, they said this was great, that most verse accumulations at times moved more than 500 duplicates all together, hard and delicate releases joined, the vast majority of those deals going to libraries and resolute authorities of first versions.

Discussing first versions, I began to think about how much the primary printings of Ugly Girls I marked (I speculated 500 out of the underlying 5,000 first print run) would go for not far off. I was advised authorities were at that point beginning to value them and some of my marked chapbooks of yesteryear were getting upward to $100. I'd had one person drop by my place, just before Ugly Girls began moving, and pay me $500 for marked duplicates of all my chapbooks, giving up my own duplicates. I required the cash terrible at the time: I had a liquor dependence on medical attendant.
I deviate. Back to Elite Companion, the Postmodern Slut . . .

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